Our Bikes

Our Most Popular Mountain, Road and Gravel Bikes by brand and model:

Evil Following - Beautiful lines, perfect geometry.  Riding is believing.  As much as we would like to think that everyone will have the opportunity to test ride an Evil, the reality is most of you will buy based on reviews or friends recommendations.  Luckily, here in Bend you DO have the chance to throw a leg over thanks to our Evil Bikes Demo Fleet...find out more.  Also check out our Evil Custom Bike Builds Page.

Devinci Troy - The go anywhere Bend mountain bike! 
One bike, zero excuses. The Troy is a quiver killer. In its fourth-generation, the 140mm travel frame gets a svelter rear-end with improved clearance and ample room for up to 2.6″ tires.
Kona Process 134 will shred anything you point it down!
“The good suspension balance adds confidence and responsiveness when tackling fast consecutive turns. Get into rougher terrain and you soon forget this little bike only has 134mm of travel as it hammers through the chunder, muting smaller bumps impressively.” -Mountain Bike UK
Chromag - Monk - A dirtjumpin', streetslayin', skateparkin' dream machine
OPEN - OPEN's motto is “working hard to stay small”. They’ve done the “big company” thing, and it was time for something different. So OPEN has designed the bikes we all want to ride ourselves, they produce them, sell them to like-minded people and that’s it.

Moots - Handcrafted titanium bicycle frames proudly made in Steamboat Springs, Colorado USA.

Pinarello - Our bikes are created to push the boundaries, to test the limits of our know-how. We only come with victory in mind. For us, fast is everything.
Esker - Esker is a fusion of the rider owned dedication of passionate mountain bikers, the cumulative experience of industry veterans, and the desire to challenge traditional methods in order to make the best product possible available to anyone and everyone that wants to get out and ride.
Industry Nine - Manufactured and handbuilt in our Asheville, NC shop, each i9 product is made with you and your ride in mind. With an array of fitment options, the highest performing hubs, wheel systems and components, and 11 custom color options, we have the part and color to dial your ride.
Enve - We are more than riders… We are risk takers, engineers and innovators, driven by our love of cycling. We are a dynamic collection of skilled individuals that create the world’s best carbon fiber products. 
Absolute Black - Oval chainrings don't produce more power, they increase your pedalling effectiveness. This means they reduce the component of your pedal pushing force, which doesn't contribute to moving your bike forward. The less force you waste the more energy you preserve, allowing you to push harder when it counts or simply reduce tiredness.
POC -  A leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armor, apparel and accessories in snow sports and cycling, was founded in 2005 in Sweden.
Schwalbe - You will find SCHWALBE bike tires in the USA, in South Africa as well as in Japan and Australia. In Europe, we are even the market leader!
MRP - At MRP We believe that everyone should follow their passion. It’s what drives us to design and make components with the attention to detail and excellence that you can count on when you are living your passion.
Endura - Endura was founded in Scotland in 1993 with a no-nonsense commitment to advancing the performance and function of cycle apparel for all. As a maverick brand, it immediately launched a host of novel and challenging products that have gone on to earn iconic status globally and in many cases reset the benchmark of function and durability for the industry.
3T - 3T Cycling makes the world's finest and lightest equipment for every kind of bike racing: ultimate performance for everyone who loves to ride.
Why Cycles - We are a group of guys that decided a few years ago that we wanted to create a bike brand that stands for more than just grams, fancy parts, and mounting the race podium. Sure, we like those things too, but bikes are special, even magical.
Specialized Bikes Equipment and ROVAL Wheels - Whether you are a multiple UCI World Champion or a regular mortal who gets out on the weekends – you deserve wheels that perform. They need to be light, stiff (but not too stiff), responsive, great handling, aerodynamically superior, reliable and strong. These are not buzzwords for us at Roval. We are cyclists, first and foremost. We are here building the wheels that we want to make our rides better. Don't worry, they'll make your rides better too.