Black Crows

Freeskiing is devoted to the unadulterated pursuit of pleasure and absolute freedom. Freedom to ski, but also to innovate and to pioneer. The black crows story is foremost about a group of friends determined to fulfil their ambitions and unafraid to challenge the norm. During the winter of 2005, Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, two professional skiers and long-time friends, dreamt of a ski which would be the antithesis to the skis then on offer in the freeride ski market. Their vision was a powder ski which combined a wingspan big enough to withstand high-speed turns and a shape which could endure sudden changes in direction. As the general trend in the market was for narrower and flared-out skis, the two riders just couldn't find a model to meet their demands… 



The squadron’s flagship model: the atris is a success with everyone on all snow types around the world.
This stable ski is quick when edging, with a progressive tail and a tolerant degree of flex, a powerful performer at high speed without loss of manoeuvrability. A really sporty character. The atris is a big mountain ski for all types of weather and snow conditions, a stylish door-opener to the world of big mountain skiing.


This iconic model of Black Crows, the corvus remains the guardian of the nest with its alpine DNA combined to a reverse camber.
Aimed at freeride, the corvus has a very good pivot thanks to its reverse camber and a very strong grip on the hard pack snow thanks to a flat underfoot segment and a double titanal plate. The ski is powerful and grips the ground well. Battle-ready as ever, the corvus with its balance offers greater confidence on all types of terrain.


This incomparable mid-fat all terrain ski is reputed for its tolerance and playfulness.
The association of a very progressive flex and good lenghten side lines brings great manoeuvrability and strong hold at high speed. With a DNA derived from freestyle, the progressive and supple flex makes it easy to handle and adapted to progression , whereas its side lines give a very effective and stable edge. Creativity for everybody on all types of terrain.


The vertis is a dynamic, playful short-radius ski (15m), tailored for vitality.
With an 85mm waist it can go from edge to edge very swiftly, enhancing the joy of carving and cutting lines. User-friendly but powerful with its intermediate degree of flex, the Vertis is the classic Black Crows resort ski.


A new all terrain ski aimed at the wilder adventures.
The Justis has a waist surface sufficient for going far and wide, a double titanal plate for committed skiing and a good dose of rocker for perfect control. A ski for those evolving in the ski areas who want a ski which can safely take them further away.



Great flotation and good handling, the nocta is the ultimate toy for big conditions.
The association of great float, full reverse camber and straight edges allow the nocta to accumulate big flotation in powder, good stability on the edges and a great handling.


The perfect ski for what you need on steep slopes. The solis is the result of a long development on this kind of terrain, combining a flex that’s the same all along the ski, a suitably firm tip and tail, and a long radius with raised tip.
This combination gives unrivalled pivoting, avoids any oversteer in tricky slaloming, and has a tail that provides safety when your backpack is heavily loaded. The solis also has a reinforced edge and a very good grip thanks to its titanal plate underfoot. The solis is an extremely specialized ski, perfect for skiers who love vertical drops.

Navis Freebird

102 mm dedicated to the spirit of adventure. A balance between lift and ski-ability, alpine conduct and progressive front rocker, the navis freebird is built for far-flung or daily quests.
Last season improvements on stability has reinforced its all-round caracteristics, that being a perfect balance between lightness and skiability.

Camox Freebird

Best of the mid-fat touring skis, the camox freebird lively, catchy and light.
Unable to blush at its success, this modern ski focuses all the expectations of a ski in a hurry to arrive at the top to express its superb potential for the descent. A sporty flex, classic camber and double rocker, all the pleasure of off-piste in a touring version.


Orb Freebird

A breath of modernity has arrived to enrich the orb freebird, a ski which shouldn't be missed.
A wave of modernity enriches the essentiality of the orb freebird. Without giving up its reassuring and adaptable features on which a reputation has been built, it benefits from an overall reduction in weight while maintaining excellent skiability. This weight reduction has been possible thanks to a new ABS distribution and the enhancement of the rocker curve give it a better base and an even more secure grip. Furthermore, with a titanal plate under the feet the tear resistance has been improved, adaptable to the new hybrid bindings.

Ferox Freebird

The Ferox was born from the necessity of offering a bi-tip, double rocker, powder type touring ski which is still efficient on the edges. So, the objective is the powder and the sensation of floating on the snow.
But the soul remains alpine to adapt to all conditions encountered while touring. Equipped with a tail tip and a double rocker, this is a ski which offers great sensations in powder with its planing and immediate pivot, but which still sits well on hard snow due to its progressive side-lines. To optimise its weight (3600 g for the 181 cm), the Ferox was conceived on a 3D shape drawn in an H which cuts the upper part of the ski and lightens it without altering its solidity due to a carbon reinforcement which adopts this 3D shape. The core was also made lighter with a mix of paulownia, poplar and, for the first time with black crows, Isocore (a polyurethane mousse strengthened with continuous glass fibre).

Ova Freebird

The ova freebird is very light and easy to manoeuvre: a modern pure touring ski.
Inside, the core is made of Paulownia and a mixture of glass- and carbon fibre, giving a core of 2250g in the 175cm length. As for shape, the ova freebird has a progressively raised tail, a soft sidecut and a tolerant flex, enabling it to pivot superbly without any sacrifice of performance on hard snow.

Mentis Freebird

The Mentis comes from the desire to develop a very light, high-performance narrow ski, but with very high skiability for this kind of ski.
80mm wide, wider than a competition ski but with a featherweight: the width brings comfort and confidence. Mentis means technology for great user, comfort in soft snow and precise driving in rough terrain. When you get to the top very quickly, there you can look down with relish. The Mentis has no limits.