Cast Freetour Bindings

Tech Freedom. Alpine Performance.
The Cast Freetour Upgrade Kit redefines the term "no compromise" within the touring binding world. Installation involves modifying the Look Pivot 15 or 18 alpine toes for use with CAST’s patented and fully integrated quick-release mechanism, which allows the user to change out their modified Cast Freetour Pivot 15 or 18 alpine toes for a set of super-light pin-tech touring toes in a matter of seconds.

How the Freetour Works

We’ve created the world’s first pin-tech touring system with the full reliability, safety and bomber performance of an alpine binding. CAST’s patented and fully integrated quick-release mechanism allows you go uphill on super-light pin-tech touring toes, and shred down on a full alpine setup in a matter of seconds. The result is a first of its kind, confidence inspiring backcountry experience.

How to get started with the Freetour:

  1. Buy the Cast Freetour Pivot 15 or 18 binding.
    Already have Look Pivot 15s or 18s, buy just the Freetour Upgrade Kit and upgrade your Pivots! In order to use the Freetour, you must have a Look Pivot 15 or 18 binding.
    Select your colors and AFDs. Read more about the AFD options here.
    All Pivot 12 and 14 bindings will NOT work.
  2. Mount 'em up.
    You or your local shop can install your new Cast Freetour Pivot bindings onto your existing skis. You will keep your same drill holes, and it is a relatively simple process. Watch the videos or download the instructions

    Warning: If you are not a properly trained ski technician with the proper tools and a jig, you must have your bindings mounted by an authorized Look® or Cast® dealer.
  3. Shred.
    Congratulations, you’re on the best touring solution in the industry.
    Throw in a Second Ski Kit ($75) while you're at it or learn more about that option here.

    Warning: All bindings must be properly adjusted to the users boot sole length, height, weight, and release preference. The ski/boot/binding system must then be tested with the user's boots in accordance with industry standards before use, to ensure proper function.