DPS Skis - Based in Salt Lake City, UT at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, DPS was founded in 2005 and is the largest domestic producer of skis.  Proud to be made in the USA.  DPS was founded on the idea of fusing innovative materials with advanced shapes so skiers who live and breathe the sport of skiing have the best equipment to help foster a deep connection to the mountains.


2002 - Stephan Drake - Co-founded DB skis and launchged the Tabla Rasa, coining "Rocker" in the design notes.
2002 - Peter Turner - Engineering Head at Volant skis.  Shane McConkey and Peter bring the Spatula ski to market
2005 - Stephan Drake & Peter Turner found DPS, debut the Lotus 138 and give skiers the first fully rockered ski with sidecut.
2010 - The transfornmative Wailer 112 RP shape combines radical rocker with carving prowess.
2012 - a 100% dedicated powder surfing tool, dubbed the Spoon, moves the brand "Beyond Faceshots".
2014 - DPS Cinematic launches with a four part short film series which has now evolved into the most popular digitial short ski film.
2015 - The ultralight Tour1 construction is released.
2016 - DPS debuts Chassis shaping paradigm in the Wailer 106 & Zelda 106 models and releases the foundation construction.
2017 - DPS launches PAHTNOM, a permanenrt waxless base treatment through kickstarter.
2018 - DPS launches PHANTOM 2.0 Permanent Waxless Glide base trreatment and the PHANTOM Cure Station.
2019 - DPS relocates to state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in downtown Salt Lake City
2020 - DPS continues material and manufacturing innovation with the launch of the Pagoda Tour and Pagoda Piste constructions.
2021 - Alchemist exits the lineup and is replaced by Pagoda as the centerpiece of the DPS Collection.

DPS offers a complete construction pyramid that gives a comprehensive ski fitting experience.  Once you choose your shape, pair them to cutting edge constructions.  This concept meets every skier's preference and intended use.

The Shadow Campaign // The Lonely Star from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.


Shaping Pathways

RP - Playful and intuitive. 15m turn radius
C2 - Directional/fall line.  18m+ tunr radius
LOTUS - POW surfing shapes
KOALA - Big Mountain Freestyle



Pagoda Tour



Lotus 138
Lotus 124
Koala 188
Koala 103
112 RP
100 RP
90 RP
106 C2
100 C2
94 C2
Grom 99
Grom 87

PHANTOM Permanent Waxless Glide

PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application base treatment that provides increased glide across all conditions.  PHANTOM's sophisticated, timed polymerization process permanently penetrates deep into the base material with powerful go-fast fluoro compositions designed to operate across all snow temperatures.  Even when ski or snowboard goes into shiop for stone grinding, the next fresh layer of PHANTOM is exposed - ready to glide.