Our most popular MTB brand to do a frame up custom shred machine unique to you. The DELTA link suspension platfrom is standard on all models, The Following, The Calling, The Offering, The Wreckoning and The Insurgent. Also, new this year "The Chamois Hagar" a MTB companies take on a gravel slaying drop bar bike. 

The Following.  "The bike that changed everything."
Bike Magazine calls it the most influential MTB of the decade

Speaking of revolutionizing 29ers, the Following was the bike that ushered in the aggressive mid-travel 29er class that we know and love today. Up until that point, no brand had really been able to make a 29er that was fun and playful to ride—most of them were either twitchy XC machines, or longer-legged brawlers that liked to hug the ground. The Following? It could play tag with the XC boys and girls up the hill, and then absolutely smoke them on the way down. Hell, you could even send a gap or two (or 10) and go out to play with the big bikes if you wanted. And it did it all with still-stigmatized 29er hoops.

The Following opened people's minds to the idea of the 29er. It showed that if done right, there were many advantages to big wheels, and few downsides.  Bikes that came later, like the Transition Smuggler, Yeti's SB130 and later generations of the Ibis Ripley, follow in the footsteps laid by the Following."

Bike Magazine
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