G3 - Continually advancing and enhancing backcountry experiences

With deep roots in backcountry ski culture, G3's mission has always been to improve your winter backcountry experience. G3 is one of the few remaining and truly authentic, independent winter backcountry brands.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, G3 = Genuine Guide Gear.  G3 is an independently owner/operator/manufacturer of industry-leading gear for backcountry skiing and snowboarding. We made our first avalanche probe made in 1995.  Now every mountain guide counts on and trusts G3.  We have remained committed to our roots and mission which has always been to design and produce innovative, durable, and reliable equipment that professionals and mountain enthusiasts trust.

With a successful 20 year history of industry leading innovation and new product development behind us, G3 isn’t resting on our previous accomplishments. Our range of users has naturally grown as backcountry bliss intrigues more and more of the mainstream skiing and snowboarding community, but our focus remains the same - albeit a bit more fun.

Constantly seeking improved solutions and new products, G3 engineers are passionate skiers who aren’t interested in making gear that’s only as good as the next market-share driven brand. With backcountry skiers, snowboarders and snow professionals relying on our gear for their safety, performance and ease of travel, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to push the boundaries. Now with a full range of skissplitboardsclimbing skinsAT bindingspolespacks, and avalanche safety tools, we strive to not only make our gear innovative, durable and reliable, but downright enjoyable and easy to use.

Enjoy and be safe. G3's got your back for both.