Jones Snowboards

Jones Mission is to design innovative mountain gear that sets new performance standards and continue to be a leader in manufacturing sustainability, environmental outreach and backcountry education.

If only snowboards grew on trees, born from simply seed, soil, water and sunshine, with a rogue root pushing up the sidewalk their only impact. Manufacturing snowboards, and all the gear we make, demands resources with a more complex footprint than an apple tree, but that doesn’t stop us from holistically tending to our production like an orchard.

We start with unique ECO-performance designs, the seeds of our products, that utilize innovative sustainable materials whenever possible. Our partner factories are our rich soil, cutting edge facilities where our designs come to life while providing steady employment and social stability to the workforce. The water and energy we use is never taken for granted and we strive to minimize our carbon footprint by analyzing the environmental impact at every stage of our products’ life cycle and investing in renewable energy.

We are very proud of the fruits of our labor. We make performance standard setting products that unlock limitless potential for human creativity and well being, while giving back to the global community through jobs and donations to environmental non-profits. No doubt there will be challenges as we work to make our garden ever greener, but we’re excited to share our successes and failures publicly. We’ve got nothing to hide in our orchard. Every business decision we make is firmly rooted in our desire to grow the sweetest, most sustainably produced snowboards and backcountry gear we can.