As a global sports company, our aspiration is to build sustainable, economically successful and fascinating product and brand worlds. To do this, we always draw on our long tradition and years of experience, and the drive and motivation of MDV employees worldwide. Our teams enthusiastically innovate every day to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s customers, and to develop the best possible products for this wonderful sport we all live and love.

We’re firmly convinced that only sustainable business is right. It is our mission as a company to protect the world we live in and the people who work for us, and to contribute towards a more balanced relationship between humanity and the environment.


“As President of MDV Sports it is my duty and mission to take care of our customers, but also to ensure the best possible working environment for our employees worldwide, and that’s something I work on every day.
At the heart of everything we do is the motivation of our workforce and it is our team who have made MDV Sports what it is today and will be in the future.

We love the natural world, we love our sport, and we love our job of providing winter sports enthusiasts with the products that best suit their needs. In this context, tradition and values are a crucial part of what drives us. Not only do we want to offer our employees a healthy, fair and respectful working environment, we also strive to be a company our customers, fans and partners can rely on.

I would like to invite you to learn more about the values, missions and visions embodied in our Brand Promises. We’re responsible for our environment, for people, and for a sustainable coexistence on this wonderful planet.”