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General Snow services

Binding mount
At Crows Feet, we pride ourselves in offering world class customer service and work hard to "over-deliver". We understand the nuances of every ski and we strive to get the binding in the optimal place for every type of skier. Tele, Alpine, Touring or Freeride, we can get em drilled and filled.
Remount a pair of pre-installed bindings
Want your trusted clampers remounted to a new set of skis? You got it.
Splitboard Binding Install
Splitboard Binding Install
Base Welds
We fix holes in the base, pretty simple. From core shots under the foot (makes me wanna cry too), to slices near the edges, bring in your wounded sleds for quick repair.
Quiver Killer inserts
Do you have one pair of skis that you just can’t decide which bindings to put on the? Do you like to telemark AND alpine but have one favorite pair of skis? This could be your answer. Quiver Killers are inserts that are mounted to the ski and act like inserts in a snowboard. This allows you to remove bindings and not run the risk of damaging your skis. Not recommended for light touring skis or for those prone to ripping things apart.
$Mounting fee +70+$3(per insert)
Base Grind
Base Grind Only. We can impart a structure that suits cold, warm or a range of temperatures.
Base repair
When early season conditions exist, but you just can't help yourself. Get it fixed!
$15 and up
Edge and Wax
What we lovingly refer too as a BASIC SKI TUNE. Edges clean and sharp and a uni wax to get you sliding again.
Custom Boot Fit
You can try on any and as many of our boots as you'd like for free but a custom and professional boot fit is $50
Cut Climbing Skins
We can cut your climbing skins to fit your skis or splitboard
PHANTOM Permanent Glide Treatment
PHANTOM Glide is a permanent, high-performance base treatment for skis and snowboards that increases hydrophobicity and improves glide performance across a variety of snow conditions. PHANTOM Glide is not wax. PHANTOM Glide differs from traditional wax because wax is not permanent. Wax is a temporary glide solution that functions only by coating the top layer of your base. After just a few runs, traditional wax wears off and glide performance diminishes.

Pro Level Ski Tunes

Full Ski Tune
We take your skis or board to our in-house base grinding guru, and put him to task on our Wintersteiger Micro 71 ski tuning machine. We first flatten your bases, then add structure for the current conditions. We then bevel the edges to spec and polish your edges. We finish by hot-waxing the bases twice to ensure full saturation. Painstakingly brushed out and ready for your next adventure. Sweet!
Plus Tune
Did you tag a rock or two during the low-base/deep fluff session? Just need your edges buffed out and some much-needed wax? Perfect. This tune job is for you! We Dig out any volcano stuck in your bases, repair any grooves and gouges, hand-sharpen and polish your edges, and hot-wax your beloved skis or snowboard back to shred worthiness.
Basic Tune
Side edge sharpen and buff, base edge bevel and hot wax make this simple tune the easy choice to keep your gear fresh and fast on those west bowl days with long get-backs or long skins days in the backcountry. Same day turnarounds standard. No waiting!
Base Grind
Flatten the bases and impart structure via our Wintersteiger Micro 71 ski tuning machine.

Hot Wax

Base Cleaning & Prep
Old wax, klisters, grip wax, skin glue, & dirt will keep new wax from being absorbed into the base properly. This step may be necessary for skis and snowboards prior to any of our tuning and waxing services.
Hot box base prep
If you are rider who doesn’t really enjoy waxing your skis but like to go fast, this is something you should consider. Hot Wax Base Prep is the process of using different temperature gradients of wax, putting waxes skis in a heated box for 4 hrs. The wax soaks into the bases for full saturation. This process is done 4 times, guaranteeing that your bases are fully impregnated with wax. The result is a silkier base that glides better, longer.
DPS Phantom Permanent Waxless Glide
A revolutionary permanent hydrophobic base treatment, this all-temp universal treatment will last for the life of the ski. While you can still use traditional wax on top of the treatment, many will find the performance meets all their needs. For DIY'ers buy the phantom single application direct from us and find a sunny day for the products 2 step curing process. Price is for the Phantom 2.0 product only, not including application.
DPS Phantom Application
CROW'S FEET is an authorized Phantom Installer. Our Phantom Cure Station uses direct UV light and is the most precise and fastest method to apply Phantom to skis or snowboards. Application requires a clean, unblemished base, so most used skis will require a full tune beforehand.
Hot Wax
Bend Oregon Hot Wax