SheJumps Intro to Bike mechanics and Maintenance

Crowsfeet is teaming up with SheJumps for an into to bike mechanics and maintenance clinic at the shop!

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Join us for a bike maintenance workshop! Topics will include: bike part names, bike wash techniques, pre-ride checks, adjustments, and more!
Please join SheJumps and Crow’s Feet: A Mountain Collective for this in-person hands-on bike maintenance workshop.
Eddie from Crow’s Feet will cover an abundance of bike maintenance topics. She will start with a review of all the parts of the bike and what they are called. We will learn and practice the proper way to wash and keep our bikes clean. Other topics include 2 minute pre-ride checks, basic derailleur barrel adjustments, changing flat tires, adding sealant to tires, psi information, when to replace tires, air pressure for fork and shock, sag, when to service, and more.
Bring your bikes. We will set them up in the outdoor side section of Crow’s Feet.
SheJumps is honored to partner with Crow’s Feet: A Mountain Collective for this workshop.
All participants attending this event must agree to the SheJumps COVID Code of Conduct .
All participants must sign the SheJumps Participant Waiver prior to participating in this event.
SheJumps increases the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities to foster confidence, leadership, and connection to nature and community through free and low-cost outdoor education.
We believe in increasing diversity in the outdoors and providing ALL women and girls with the spark that will lead to a lifetime of outdoor learning and empowerment. We welcome all women and girls (transgender and cisgender) as well as non-binary people who identify with the women’s community.
SheJumps Vision: To unearth the potential of all women and girls through outdoor play and connection to nature.
Partnering with nature, SheJumps creates safe, educational outdoor experiences for girls and women that nurture growth and transformation.
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July 11, 2022


6:00pm - 8:00pm