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Local routes

We have so much incredible and easily accessible recreational terrain in Central Oregon.  Skiing, Splitboarding, Mountain Biking, Gravel Riding, Hiking, Backpacking name it and we probably have some of the best, right out our doorstep, in the World.

Why you ask?  Well to start, the PCT runs right through our backyard.  You can ski South Sister in August most years.  Umm and maybe you heard there is some mountain biking around here :). What about the 5000 miles of Forest Service mapped dirt roads?  We are lucky to have sooo much accessible terrain...maybe not the best of anything but we must come close to #1 in the amount and variety of things to do.

Whether you are getting your feet wet mountain biking on mellower terrain like Marvin's Garden or Ben's, getting your new Strava standard set on Phil's Trail, or blasting down Lower Whoops, the 300+ miles of single track starts directly across the street from our new shop in Northwest Crossing.

Heading up for some ski touring in the Cascades?  Stop by our shop for gear, a beer or beta and we can guarantee you will leave 27% more stoked.  If ya can't stop in to ask us where to go well we will use the below screen space to tell ya some of our favorite spots for Skiing and biking in Central Oregon.  Crow's Feet = Your Central Oregon Backcountry Experts!


The OG, and Ground Zero for the 300+ miles of singletrack that makes Bend, Oregon a dirt Mecca. You can access the trailhead directly from our shop in Northwest Crossing. There are several variations, and a favored route starts on the dirt accross the street on Marvin's Garden, which leads you directly to the parking area at the Phil's trailhead. Take Ben's Trail (one way uphill) all the way to Road 300. From there, you can hit Phil's back the trailhead or continue up towards Whoops and Pine Drops. How ever you do it, enjoy the ride!

Gravel Routes...DIRTY FREEHUB

Dirty Freehub is about sharing our passion for gravel cycling. Their goal is that through good stewardship of pubic lands, collaboration, and sharing of routes, we can have a positive social and economic impact in the communities we ride.

The routes are “curated”; they provide accurate and detailed route descriptions, pictures, maps, cue sheets and downloadable GPX files. Their routes are about being adventuresome and scenic.

Horse Ridge

Horse Ridge is just 20 minutes east of Bend and is an awesome winter mountain biking spot.  Just head out hwy 20 to the trailhead, unload your favorite down country trail bike and start pedaling!  The climbs are challenging and rocky and the descents are faaast and flowy.  A locals favorite spot to head to in between storm cycles and skiing breaks in the winter. 

One of the things that makes living in Central Oregon so great is that we can bike and ski nearly year round!

Maston and Cline Buttes trails

Cline buttes and Maston trails are a great place for downhill and XC enthusiasts alike. Typically riding well throughout the winter, with trailheads basically just down the road from each other, this is a great place to get your fix of many different kinds of riding terrain. The maston trails are geared more toward our XC or beginner friends whereas Cline offers some of hte steepest and rockiest terrain you will find anywhere in Bend.

These trails a quick 20 minute drive north of Bend are best ridden in the late fall to early spring (pending snow storms! and usually ride super loose and dry in the summer months.

Horse Butte Trails

A quick drive from south east Bend, the Horse Butte trail system is a great place for mellow winter riding and conneting trails to make big epic summer long rides. A classic 8 mile loop on the trails, Swamp Wells-> Arnold Ice Cave-> Boyd Cave-> Coyote loop is a great chill single track loop with a couple rocky tech sections thrown in. This trail rides best in the winter/ spring months and is usually pretty dry and dusty in the summer. Connect the Swamp wells trail all the way down to Paulina lake for an epic 50 ish mile loop! There is a small campsite store at Paulina lakes (periodically closed so don't count on it!) but, other than that, no other resources along the way. Make sure to bring a lot of water if you are attemping the entire ride due to the exposure and intensity of the ride. Also be prepared for epic views, and beautiful single track!

Madras East Trails

The Madras east trails is a new trail system to central Oregon and absolutely rips! This super fun high desert single track is flowy with tons of built up features. You'll find all kinds of different jump lines, drops, wooden features and more out here. The perfect place to progress your skills and have loads of fun! Being as this is a new trail system, the Central Oregon Trail Alliance is always adding in new and exciting features to keep things interesting. The Madras trails are usually riding best in the winter and when all the other trails are covered in snow, this is the place to go!

Peterson Ridge Trails

The Peterson Ridge trails out of Sisters, a quick 20 minute drive from Bend, offer up mellow single track trails among the ponderosa pines. The "green" and "blue" trails here are mostly flat and a great place for XC riders and beginners but, a great place to ride for anyone who likes to ride bikes! The trail system boasts over 20 miles of pristine single track that rides best in the spring, summer and fall and is usually covered in snow all of the winter.

Mt Bachelor Bike Park

The bike park at Mt Bachelor is a great place to get hot laps in on your favorite trails. This lift access bike park offers 17 different trails varying from beginner routes to double black diamond and jump lines. Mt Bachelor typically opens the mountain bike park in June-July and runs through the end of September. Enjoy epic views of the surrounding mountains and a cold beer on the patio of the resort lodge to finish off a great day of riding in central Oregon!

Oakridge Oregon

Oakridge, a quick 1.5 hour drive south of Bend offers some of the steepest and most epic shuttle riding in Oregon. Dead mountain, Alpine trails, Eula, Hardesty Portal and Larison are all super popular shuttle drop areas that offer up to 6 miles of uninterrupted screaming downhill. It's recommended to either self shuttle or go through one of our pals here in Bend, Cog Wild, and let them do all the driving. The road climbs, if you choose not to shuttle, are not for the faint of heart! Most folks will combine a handful of routes in a day to get the maximum amount of old growth forest, steep, loamy goodness. Make sure to bring a lot of supplies! There are pretty limited resources in the town of Oakridge and all the shops there close pretty early in the day. Also plan on not having cell service for pretty much the entire time you are in the Oakridge area, the whole town and surrounding mountains are a big dead spot for most providers.


Winter Dawn Patrol sessions are alive and well here in Central Oregon, and one of the more popular routes for backcountry travel is Tumalo Mountain. Typically accessed from Vista or Dutchmann Flats Sno-Parks, find (or break) trail towards the Summit and/or East Ridge. The East Bowl house the steepest lines, but be forewarned that the bowl is prone to avalanche activity especially directly after a storm. Skiing back through glades and forrest slots on the Southern slopes brings you back to Century Drive. The falline pulls you East, so if you parked at Dutchmann, remember to trend to the right. Be safe, bring snacks and have blast!

The Cone

The Cinder Cone on Mt. Bachelor or The Cone is yet another amazing place to go for that quick fix of ski touring before work.  If you time it right you can be finished, powder satisfied and driving back to town as everyone else is driving up!  Park on the far side of the main lot (towards the dog park) and follow the "Uphill Route" signage towards the summit of the Cone.  Head down skiers left for some fun trees and a little longer skin back up or stay skiers right to tie back into the uphill route for another lap. 

The Cone is Slackcountry at its finest and another reason we love living and skiing in Central Oregon!

Todd Lake Rim

Another classic Bend ski tour when you don't have all day and want to get some turns in, alittle furthur away than where many will go.  Parking can be tough, as it's best to start this route from Dutchman but if you sleep in just park at the Mt Bachelor Nordic Center and head out from there.  Follow the snowmobile trail (Cascade Lakes HWY) out unti the junction of Todd Lake trailhead.  Here you will see a skin track heading North.  Follow this out to some wonderful lines along the rim.  And if you need more beta than this pick up a local guide book or stop in the Shop and ask!