Winter Is Here!

Winter Is Here!

It's dumping in the mountains and we are all giddy with the excitement of making those first turns. We have converted our shop over to a winter wonderland of the most advanced ski and snowboard gear out there. Backcountry skiing / split-boarding is the fastest growing portion snow sports today.  We can help outfit you with the equipment you need to efficiently tour safely and reliably. Please educate yourself about the dangers of Backcountry skiing and risk management. Take classes, read books, practice avalanche safety even when you feel the danger is low.

Our Ski lineup in the shop this year ranges from lightweight ski-mo fitness skis to deep resort powder sticks but our main focus is in that mid weight touring category. We believe most people skiing uphill are doing it for the down. There is no need to compromise in performance anymore when venturing out of bounds. Modern touring gear should be fast uphill and shred like an alpine ski down. We carry DPS, BLACKCROWS, ATOMIC, DYNAFIT and HAGAN skis.  Bindings from DYNAFIT, ATOMIC, MARKER, ATK HAGAN, LOOK and G3.  Let us narrow it down to whats right for you.

Ski boots may be the most important part of the equation. We have a large offering of ROXA, DYNAFIT and ATOMIC boots. Some extra lightweight for the fast guys and gals and others balanced between the up and down. We are here to help you find a boot that not only skis well but fits your foot so all you need to worry about is extra laps and not your feet. 

We bring JONES SNOWBOARDS  back as our only brand for splits and solids. They are the name in backcountry snowboarding and a brand most try to mimic. Their responsibility to ethically sourcing materials, cleaner manufacturing and low environmental impact is at the core of the brand. Surfy shapes and leading edge technology end of creating really fun boards to shred all types of snow.  We have good stock on most of their popular split boards and solids.  Bindings from Spark R&D and Jones to complete the perfect package. Our staff can help size and describe the differences in ride qualities so you can make that informed decision.

What about safety? We offer the freshest in snow helmets from Pret and POC (some of the slimmer helmets out there). Pair that with some Reactive lens goggles from Julbo and you're set to hit the slopes. Avy beacons, shovels, probes, airbag packs and other safety gear from Mammut, Jones and BCA.

Of course our ski shop is in full swing and capable of any type of service you need. Mounting, base repair, waxing, PHANTOM treatment, edge sharpening,  skin cutting etc.  Please stop on by or give us a call today and let us know how we can help get you out there!  PRAY FOR SNOW!