Crow's Feet Favorite: Pomoca Skins a Detailed View

Crow's Feet Favorite: Pomoca Skins a Detailed View

Pomoca is a Swiss🇨🇭climbing skin specialist that has definitely nailed its specialty. A favorite among ski touring, mountaineering and snow professionals around the world. The primary secret to Pomoca’s skin success is the Safer Skin Light membrane, an uber thin rubber layer between the plush and the sticky side that prevents water logging, cuts weight, and allows the skin to pack down for easy carrying. They also use a hydrophobic coating on the hairs that helps them to resist icing and clumping, helpful for multiple laps and consistent glue adhesion. We carry their top 3 models here @crowsfeetbend 

The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 is a fast, light, high-performance tool. The Free Pro 2.0 skins are a 70/30 mohair blend sewn onto an ultra-thin, ultra-packable backing material. Sprinkled with Pomoca's industry topping waterproof coating these skins have turned heads throughout the ski world and have inspired many ski mountaineers and professional guides to make the switch to pink skins. Their traction is still amazing considering how well they glide uphill although having the right skills and biometrics is a bit more important with these light weight skins.

The Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide skins might be our most popular model. The “Goldilocks” of climbing skins. They boast the traction of their Climb 2.0 skin but treated with Pomoca’s S-Glide anti-friction formula making them excellent at sliding forward. The friction coefficient is now more akin to racing formulas than to similar mohair-mix skins. Still incredibly packable and lightweight, you can’t go wrong with the Pro S-Glide.

The Pomoca Climb 2.0 formula focuses on savings of both weight and cost. Pomoca uses a short nap on its Safer Skin Light backing, making for an extremely lightweight and packable skin. Not treated with Pomoca’s S-Glide treatment these skins lean towards the traction side of things with less glide then the Free Pro 2.0 or Pro S-Glide but still have more glide than most skins out there.

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