March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

Crow's Feet Happenings


It is an exciting time here at Crow's Feet. With the ski season in full swing, with more moisture on the horizon, our customers are in the groove of hitting the slopes, tail-gating and rushing down to the mountains to get a quick pedal out East. Central Oregon Avalanche Center's VERTFEST was a total hit and saw the biggest participation numbers ever. It proves that Ski Touring and Fitness Touring is finding a home in Central Oregon and each week we are seeing more and more uphill skiing on Bachelor and in the backcountry.

As ski touring continues to grow in popularity, now is the time to start thinking about your first spring trip of the season. Come in, grab the Oregon Ski Atlas, and hit us up for information. We are all about getting you out, safe and soundly, and we have all the necessary equipment for that next phase of exploration.

On the Bicycle front, we have our 2022 Evil, Kona and Devinci arriving daily, and our custom bike shop is banging out some sweet machines for some lucky customers.

When you come in to the shop, makes sure you peak your head behind the service counter and check out some of our impressive bike builds that are under construction. Get inspired!

As for the immediate future, we are expecting to have another year of challenges when it comes to supply of bicycles and parts. If you interested in a new bike this year, or need some much needed parts on your current bike, it is important to take care of it, sooner than later. You may find yourself in a situation where nothing is available!

As always, we are always ready to help you on your next adventure journey, come visit us up in Northwest Crossing.


Crow's Feet Online Shop!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our ONLINE SHOP. If you look to the left and click that Crow's Feet Shop Logo you will be able to browse select Crow's merch, sale items, skis, bikes and more. Now our friends that live outside of Bend Oregon can benefit from our Shop.


Central Oregon Avalanche Center's Know Before You Go

Tuesday March 1 | Time 6PM-7:30PM

You have the new gear, you have ventured up the slopes of Bachelor and maybe took part in Vertfest. If you have intentions of venturing into the backcountry, there are factors including snow hazards, preparedness and info that you need to arm yourself with. Know Before You Go brushes on many topics that you must know before taking your skiing to the wild. Event is free and located at Embark.

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Backcountry Film Festival

Saturday Night: March 12 | Time 7PM

After two years of a virtual event, The Winter Wildland Alliance have decided to go live for the 2022 Backcountry Film Festival. Always a locals favorite , this event will be held outside our shop with plenty of beer and food from El Sancho available.

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All Ski Helmets and Goggles 30% OFF!

Time to Check your Head! All of our helmets and goggles are on sale. We have a great selection of lids to choose from, equally designed for backcountry or resort skiing.

Free the funky on your head with a new helmet!


Phantom $50 OFF!

For the month of March we are running $50 OFF Phantom Permanent Waxless Base Prep. For those unfamiliar, Phantom is applied once, FOR THE LIFE OF THE SKI, and gives you the equivalent of permanent medium temp wax. Phantom also keeps your skins fresher by not pulling up skin glue and leaves less fluoro-carbons in our watersheds! Learn even more here!


VertFest Videos!

This years Vertfest was a total hoot! Lots of new participants and a record number of racers! Bacon on the cone, costumes and lots of sweat and smiles! Check out the video we created!



We are very excited to see the Spring Classics return to the Pro Peloton. This spring we will be hosting a number of watch parties, with a group ride to follow. First installment will be the Strada Bianche race , which winds through the white roads of Italy.

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