Pomoca Skins, Buyers Guide

Pomoca Skins, Buyers Guide

The Swiss brand, Pomoca has quickly become a crowd favorite among Crow’s Feet employees and customers alike for all uphill ventures. Their nylon + mohair combo offers not only excellent grip and glide, but are also extremely packable compared to other brands. What makes them the best? Let’s dive into more details…


Let’s start super basic. What is a ski skin? 



The plush offers grip and glide to the skin. These characteristics vary depending on the material used (nylon, mixed or mohair) and the way the fibers are woven (thicker or thinner, longer or shorter, more or less angled). Normally, a skin that GLIDEs more, GRIPs less.




These treatments provide waterproofing for fibers, which is key to preventing snow clumps from forming. Wet fibers can freeze with a change in temperature. When the fibers freeze they attract snow which sticks to the skin, forming clumps. They also give the color to the skins and help with fixing the fibers to the angle/backing, which is why it is important for durability and GLIDE/GRIP.


It has: A LINING


The lining prevents water transfer from the plush to the adhesive. A lining that is not waterproof causes dampness on the adhesive and reduces its tack (stickiness). The adhesive could come away from the skin and stick to the ski. A quality lining guarantees the correct functioning of the adhesive and also increases resistance to the skin tearing.




The adhesive attaches the skin to the ski. In cold and wet conditions, adhesion may be difficult: in general, the adhesives do not perform well in water or cold, as it is harder for them to stick in a wet environment (mist or heat in spring/damp snow) or in the cold.


What we carry: 

Pomoca has a number of different skins to fit all your needs, we carry what we think are the best three options for skiing in the PNW! 


Ultralight & Packable

Developed especially for freeriders, this skin makes no compromise: ultralight, excellent grip, and very good glide. Once on the top, the Free Pro 2.0 is so packable that you can almost carry it in your pocket! These skins offer the MOST glide and the LEAST grip of our three Pomoca skins. 

  • Glide 200 kcal/h

  • Grip 46 g/cm2

  • Weight 1,000.000 g/m2

216 g / skin


Best Value

The Climb 2.0 is the classical proved POMOCA mix skin, developed for every skier. Lightweight and with an accurate design, it will always help you to reach your goals. These skins are the middle ground between the three skins we carry, they offer AVERAGE grip and AVERAGE glide. 

  • Glide 235 kcal/h

  • Grip 46 g/cm2

  • Weight 1,100.000 g/m2

206 g / skin


Best Glide & Grip

The Climb Pro S-Glide is the best gliding mix skin ever, the best anti-glopping and the most resistant one. This is the skin for professionals of the mountain for several days' tours or folks new to ski touring who want a little more grip in all terrain. This skin packs up a little bit bigger than the other two but, its grip is better than anything else on the market we have used! These skins have the MOST grip and the LEAST glide of the skins we carry at Crow's Feet.

  • Glide 213 kcal/h

  • Grip 52 g/cm2

  • Weight 1,200.000 g/m2

224 g / skin


So now that we have been through the nitty gritty, how do you decide what skin is best for you? It really depends on your priority. Are you newer to touring, ski really steep or icy terrain, breaking land speed records uphill isn’t really your priority and you want some extra grip? Go with the CLIMB PRO S-GLIDE. Are you a skimo racer, want to go as fast as possible uphill, feel confident skinning on steep and icy terrain and want to be light and fast? Go with the FREE PRO 2.0. Are you somewhere in the middle of those two? You want the best of both worlds? Go with the CLIMB 2.0!

Got more questions? Come see us in the shop and we will make sure you pick the skin that is best for you!