David Marchi


Owner. Boss. Curator. The leader of the flock is an International ski guide, father, and prime-time cycling enthusiast. David lives for alpine arcs, backcountry powder sessions, road/mountain/cyclocross/adventure cycling, dancing, music, and being surrounded by like minded souls. His infectious stoke for skiing and cycling can only be rivaled by his love for live music and figuring out ways to adventure with his son, Talus. If you don’t know the story about his experience with the mysterious Snow Leopard, you should watch this video – https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/article/watch-skiers-come-face-to-face-with-a-snow-leopard

CURRENT WHIPS/STICKS: Pereira steel road bike, OPEN W.I.DE gravel grinder, KONA Honzo Singlespeed, DPS Lotus Pure 3 138, DPS Wailer 105 Pure 3,

FAVORITE TRAIL: Phil’s complex on a cross bike, Pecker Woods

“Let there be songs to fill the air”