Sarah "Eddie" Edwards

Sarah Edwards

Shredwards has been gracing us with her presence since taking a hiatis from her European cycling tour duties. If fun and fitness had a human form, it would be Shredwards. Equally at home on two wheels or 2 skis, she is a welcomed addition to our professional staff. She has a knack for bringing people together and has been spearheading our events and community outreach position and absolutely crushing it. To attend one of Eddies' events, check out our "Happenings" page!

WHIPS: Trek Checkpoint, Trek Fuel EX, Trek Stache, Devinci Spartan, Giant TCR Advanced (a road bike, imagine that!), Cannondale R2000 old roadie classic

STICKS: K2 Koomba, Black Crow's Navis Freebird

FAVORITE QUOTE:  "I hope the coyotes don't attack."

"Come on. We go!"